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About Us

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Green Refinement Company is one of a few oil companies that have activity in both Downstream and Upstream sections. Procurement is the main activity of company in the Downstream section that with working in supply of gas, oil and petrochemical equipments such as compressor station, CNG stations, oil & gas pipeline, water pipeline, such as Sirri-assalouyeh(Supply of 290 km 32 inch Sour Pipe), IGAT 7 (supply of pipe , Turbo Compressor , ), phase 22,23,24 (Supply of Offshore, Riser, Infield Pipes & fabrication of Bends) , phase 17 &18 (supply of pipe ) , phase 14 (supply of 18 & 4 Riser Pipe and Bends for SPD14 Jacket and Topside) ,serajeh (supply of Turbo compressor) , Shurijeh (supply of Turbo Compressor) , Khavaran (Supply of Turbo compressor) , made GRC as a powerful company in Iran.

Beside activity of company in the upstream section, GRC has experience in 2D & 3D Seismic Data Acquisition projects such as CHASHMEH KHOSH, NORTH AZADEGAN and etc, supervision of 2D & 3D seismic projects in SARVESTAN & SAADATABAD, KHESHT, KUH-E-KAKI, SHORUM-DUDRO-RIG, KABUD-DANAN, PAYDAR, HOMA, MADAR-TABNAK and KASHAN .In the Drilling and Seismic Data Processing with using of foreign partner, GRC has ability to run any kind of project. So This office have agency of foreign companies such as Sumy Frunze and Sarplast , Econosto , Essar Esteel
GRC is an Engineering & Procurement & Construction company in the Upstream and downstream sections, with the main focus on Pipeline, Compressor Stations, Geophysics, Data Acquisition, Drilling Etc
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